This is a crosspost from a Simple Blissful Life. It is one of the posts in my continuing series on Finding Stillness, my ways of becoming still within within without meditating. Follow the tag to read the other posts.

I love to read, have been an avid reader ever since I learned how to.

I love to lose myself in worlds other writers create for me, and, in reading I find stillness, even though my eyes fill my mind with words.

When I read I am there, for the full 10000%. I am not distracted by anything, my focus is fully on the words on my page.

And that is not a common thing for me, my mind usually is all over the place, especially now I am editing a novel.

To lose myself in words that I didn’t write is a treat, and I love it. So much.

And, as I breathe in and out, turning the pages, I am calm and centered, my breath flows easily, unobstructed, unnoticed.

Just me, a book and a great cup of tea, I can’t think of anything more beautiful than that 🙂

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