Raven woke to the sun shining through a small slit in the curtains. She smiled, stretched her arms and said, “It is spring!”
She put on her dungarees, and ran out of her bedroom, down the stairs, to the kitchen. “Mother, it is spring.”
Her mother smiledand pointed at the table. “Breakfast first, then you can go outside.”
Raven ate her porridge faster than light, not caring that she burned her tongue.
She dropped the spoon in the empty bowl and said, “I am going outside, the sun is calling my name!”
“Put on your jacket and boots.”
Raven sighed, “Mohhhoooommmmm, as if I didn’t know that?”
Her mother smiled, kissed the top of her head, and said, “Good.”
Raven put on her jacket, her boots and the scarf her grandmother had knitted for her, and then she opened the front door.
She shrieked, turned around, ran to the kitchen and said, “Mom! There is snow!”
“Yes. Two inches overnight.”
“But mom! The sun told me it was spring.”
“Not yet dear, go play in the snow.”
“Playing in the snow is winter, I don’t want winter, I want SPRING!”
She raised her hands in the air, and before her mother could stop her, she whispered Ostara’s incantation.
She rushed out of the door, and, through the melting snow, tulips and crocuses jumped up at her, birds danced in the air, and, as the snow seeped into the earth, and the grass met her feet, Raven smiled. “That’s more like it!”
A little gray rabbit hopped up to her and smiled. Raven lay on her back in the fresh green, dry grass and stared up at the cloudless sky. The rabbit nuzzled into her chest and Raven petted him, contented.

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