“Gyr, we seem to be in trouble.”

Gyr smirked and looked out of the cockpit. The nose of the ship had burrowed itself nicely into a small asteroid. Trouble, indeed.

“Congratulations Kalla, you’ve won the 2311 award for stating the bloody obvious.”

“I love awards, my dear. Are you damaged in any way?”

She rubbed her head, “Yes. Are you?”

“I seem to be mostly in one piece.”

Gyr sighed and placed her feet on the dashboard, “Turn on the emergency beacon, dear. I don’t want to be stuck here with you, indefinitely.”

“Did that the moment we crashed, dear.”

“Good job,” Gyr said, absentmindedly snacking on a PowerBar.

The Radio buzzed. “Galaxy 4 to Kalla and Gyr, come in!”

Gyr tilted her head. The voice sounded familiar…. She hit the controls, and said, “You better be a rescue party!”

The voice laughed. “Repeat after me: ‘Hello, Lur, how kind of you to come to my rescue at such short notice.'”

Gyr laughed, of course, it had to be Lur coming to the rescue. She’d have to pay for that one day. She smirked and said, “Hello Lur the most awful, how gaggingly kind of you to come to my bloody rescue.”

“Slightly better. What did you do to your ship, ingrate?”

 “Not my fault, stupid. Kalla made a course correction and flew into the bloody asteroid.”

Jun snickered, “Of course she did. Ready to head home?”

“I am.”

She unstrapped and patted the dashboard, “You’ll be free soon, Kalla.”

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The ship let out some fake little sobs, and sang, “It was not my fault! You will see, it’s the navcomp’s fault!”

“And who, pray tell, controls the navcomp?”

“Shut up.”

Gyr leaned back and grinned.

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