Keep the Joy

I am in my office, behind my almost completely decluttered desk, and I am so happy I could dance. I’ve done so much work on my office —on this desk most of all— and to have everything in its place just feels magical.

For some, my desk will seem completely cluttered and not at all minimalist, but for me, this is what I mean when I say: keep the joy.

Keeping the joy means that you will probably never have the kind of beautiful minimalist houses with all white furniture and one apple in the center of the table as the only decoration.

Keeping the joy means that you have the things that you love to surround yourself with, that make your creativity soar, and that makes you want to sit in the space and create your heart out.

There are still some spots in my office that need work and decluttering, but overall, this space brings me great joy when I enter it.

Where will you keep your joy?

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