About Stuff

It can happen unexpectedly. One day you have an object in your life that you love to see. The next day it becomes stuff.

When we start on the road to minimalism, one of the things we become aware of is the stuff in our life.

It accumulates without realizing. One day you are happy with your home, the next you see the tremendous clutter you have gathered.

Seeing what is stuff and what is something you love is hard.

It’s, in a way, a skill you train. On the first day it may be hard to get rid of one thing, and the next it’s easy to get rid of ten.

You also start to identify the times you want to buy something with the potential to be stuff, later. You, for instance, stop buying when you feel sad or when you are angry.

Sometimes it feels like a loss, not going out to buy things just because you want to have that.

But, there is no turning back. You just pour yourself some tea and snuggle up with a good book instead.

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