If I couldn’t fail

I am currently going through my archive folders on my laptop and sorting all my writing into folders.

My stories and poems were divided across several folders, some rescued after the hard disk of a former laptop crashed.

This decluttering process waited for a long time, and now I am doing it, I am finding so many gems, poems I haven’t read in years.

This poem is one of those. It was a response to a writing prompt on a blog that, I think, is long gone.

Re-reading it affirms to me how true it is to me, today.

If I couldn’t fail
I would create without abandon
soar fearlessly through life as if
nothing could hold me back

If I couldn’t fail
I would embrace all that need a hug
no matter how they say no, and I would
give them a hug again if they’d protest

If I couldn’t fail
I would share my inner wisdom
with such confidence that it would
be impossible to not hear me speak

If I couldn’t fail
I would find the forever home
I saw in my dreams so often
and make it into my paradise

If I couldn’t fail
I would invite all my friends to come
and share its beauty, its joy with me
grow into a circle of completeness

If I couldn’t fail
I would build a community with other
playful souls and create a haven
filled with such joy and such laughter

If I couldn’t fail
I would be totally me, with everyone
I would giggle like the girl that I am
I would infect everyone with my joy

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