When I was born, my father named me Consequence. It was meant as a jab to my mother, just before he left our lives, but it was also…
How could a man hate a small child as much as he did? How could one purposefully choose to name his son after something that harkens back to the worst time in our country’s history?
I will never understand why I carry this curse.
He cursed me to a life of constant ridicule and anger. Of constant torment and of degradation.
Now the day has come. I have waited all my life.
I am old enough to walk my own path, and I have made my choice. I will find him and I will drag him back through time and make him change my name. And then I will murder them both. Old, young.
When he dies at my hand, I will trust that the baby that was me will live a wonderful life.
I will stay behind, as going back will destroy the promise of his new life.
So I shall live on with a different name, and my past will be undone.
I believe I could have been king if my name was different. Or, I could have been a scholar. Or…
It is time. I have my suit, I have the location of the man that was my father. Time to leave.
Wish me well.
Then again, if I go back in time, this letter will never be written. I will this with me, and carry it with me always, so it can be found after I have passed.
I hope that I will find love. And that the one who I marry finds this letter. If so…
I love you. I hope that I haven’t shocked you too much.
I am a dreamer… Always… Despite carrying the name that harkens back to the death of millions at the hand of my ancestors.
My father will know what that means, soon.

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