When I was a little girl

When I was a little girl
I loved to go out and explore
Lay in the grass and watch
A caterpillar climb on it
Or what would happen if
I caught cobwebs in a branch
And hold them up to the light
To filter the sun’s sparkle

When I was a little girl
I loved to lay on my back
In fresh mowed grass and stare
Up at the clouds to see shapes
Dart across the bright blue sky
Playing among themselves while I
Wove necklaces from daisies or
Made a crown that I proudly wore

When I was a little girl
Nature was my best friend,
Forests were my haven and
Beaches were my great desire
And I scribbled my poems
In a small red binder
With lined paper within,
Writing, feverish, on what I saw

That girl, that wild explorer
Still lives within, buried at times
Under worries and pain, sadness,
Always, wide-eyed, watching the world
With the same love that always
Enveloped it, from early on
And that wonder, that curiosity
It’s here, waiting, as I reach out

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