Quitting Junk SnailMail

I hate junk mail. I hate that I have a big box of paper to recycle each month, and most of that box is junk mail.

I am dealing with excess snail mail this week, and I thought it would be a good idea to share you how I am stopping the constant influx of ads and brochures into my mailbox, in keeping with myno spend actions/

Here are my simple steps to deal with it.

Step 1. Collect the mail
Make a stack of all unwelcome mail and then, when you have collected a fair amount, move to step 2.

Step 2. Google
Figure out the mailing addresses for each of the junk mail, first try out finding an email address, and if all else fails, find the snail mail address.

Step 3, Write (polite) letters
There’s no reason to be rude about them spamming you with their junk. Just politely ask them to stop sending you their brochures etc.

Step 4, Keep track
Make a list of all the companies you have emailed. When they are offending again, send another letter. If you have emailed them first, you could send them a letter to get them to stop.

Keep at it, and limit the spendthrift distractions, one by one 🙂

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