On letting go

This is sort of an update post on my Creative decluttering process.

The closer I come to finishing, the more old craft projects resurface. And this is where the real struggle is, even though I haven’t done anything with them in the past years.

One of the decluttering projects that hit me over the head was sewing. I started out knowing that I really don’t love sewing other than working with patchwork blocks and my antique sewing machine. Other than that there is no love lost.

Yet I struggled to let go of my sewing machine and the fabrics that won’t be turned into new pants anytime soon.

I thought long and hard on this and then I realized I needed to ask myself three questions.

  1. Do I regret letting go of this because of the money I have spent?
  2. Do I have a hard time letting go because I believe I still can do this?
  3. Is it hard to let go of this stuff because I made commitments with myself when I bought this?

For me the issue wasn’t with answering question 1.
I don’t even remember how much money I spent, but it can’t be much, most of the fabrics were bought on the market.

Question 2 was a bit of a ponder.
I do have all sorts of physical issues, and I know that I can trigger spiked in chronic pain when I sit still for any length of time. In the end, the answer was no. I love my body enough to give myself permission to stop wanting to sew pretty pants.

Question 3 hit the nail on the head.
I realized that I needed to release myself from those commitments. The moment I did that, the fabric just became fabric and letting go was as easy as breathing.

  • What decluttering projects do you struggle with?
  • What doesn’t give you joy but still clutters your shelves?
  • Which of the three questions do you struggle with?

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