Eight actions you can take to stop spending

If your goal is to not spend any money this month, you need to take some drastic actions. Here are a few:

1. Unsubscribe
You won’t know that there are sales in your favorite store when you don’t subscribe to their mailing lists anymore.

2. No Spend
Print out the <a href=”http://www.sylviavanbruggen.xyz/2016/12/keep-calm-and-dont-spend-challenge.html>No Spend checklist</a>, and happily check it off every day. You could use stickers too, makes for a really pretty list.

3. Cancel subscriptions
Are there things you can cancel this month? Like the magazine you never read, or the online service you hardly use. Be ruthless and cancel!

4. Make a want list
Whenever you have the urge to buy something you don’t need (like food), add it to a WANT list instead. Look at the list in a month. Do you still want the things you have on there? Do you even remember them?

5. Know your traps
I had a day last month where I completely failed at my no spend promise. What are your traps? When do you grab that creditcard instead of checking in with yourself?

6. Don’t be hard on yourself
This one is crucial. If you fail at something this month, know that you can start again each day. Every day is a new beginning.

7. Make a list of free things you can do
This may require a little research. Find places in your town that you can visit for free, like parks or museums. Make a list, and go there when you need to. Most important rule: have fun!

8. Declutter and sell
You probably have a house full of stuff you don’t need or like any longer. Declutter and sell off the good stuff. You might end the month with a surplus!

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