How to keep yourself from spending

It is a no spend month on Joyful Minimalism, and —15 days into the challenge— I have failed on one day.

I bought something in a store that is closing down, 50% off for some of their last scrapbooky journal items.

And even though I have failed the challenge, I have learned a lesson about my buying habits. You see, when I was purchasing my goodies, I felt like crap.

It was the middle of the night after a crappy few nights of sleep due to a throat infection I was worn down, sick and tired, literally.

Buying the 20 euro bag of goodies brought me joy, made me happy with the great finds and great discounts. Some of them I needed for my Christmas card project, but still 🙂

I used shopping as a pick-me-up, a cure-all for the grumps. Becoming aware of it made me think of making a new list in my Bullet Journal: things that make me happy when feeling like crap.

Here is my initial brainstorm for that list:

  • Have a long hot bath, with essential oils, candles, book and tea.
  • Write Elfjes (11 word poems, writing them always cheers me up)
  • Read one of my favorite books again.
  • Play in my journal.
  • Practice Gratitude for all the wonderful things in my life.
  • Watch a favorite show again.
  • Play in my Junk Journal (aka gluing stuff in)

If you want, I can share the list when I have “perfected” it, if you need inspiration for your own list!

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