I am so very grateful that we scored tickets for the Glastonbury festival last year. I wrote about some of our experiences in this blog post

Many of my favorite moments of the year took place at the festival. It was so amazing! We have secured tickets for 2017, and Radiohead —my favorite band in the world— plays on the first night 🙂 So excited!

I am taking part in a photo challenge on Instagram. The prompt for December 3 was: my fave photo of 2016.

I picked this one, of Coldplay at Glasto. And, me being me, I wrote a poem to accompany it 🙂

One of my favorite moments
Glastonbury festival, Sunday
We were all tired from walking
Through thick layers of mud

But then the lights on stage
Became many bright colors and
Coldplay filled the air with joy
It was cathartic, pure emotion

I cried, laughed and sang along
Danced until my body didn’t care
About all the little festival aches
And became joy with all I am

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