Embrace Simplicity

These past few days I’ve spent a lot of time reading blog posts and watching videos on living a simple, minimalist life.

I have learned so much from this, as I work on transforming my life to becoming a Joyful Minimalist.

I do believe that the core of that is in this Elfje I wrote a couple of weeks ago for a challenge on Instagram:

Minimalism and living a simple life first and foremost needs to help the planet. It needs to transform us into savers, not consumers.

If you, for instance, have a capsule wardrobe and replace every item every three months, you aren’t helping the planet, but adding to the problems we are all facing.

If you buy low-quality items like clothes or housewares that break down within months, you are adding to the problems.

So, buy something that is good quality. And buy natural.

I can’t stand the fact that most of the clothes in stores are made with fabrics that pollute the planet once they are no longer used.

That –and the fact that my skin can’t stand the plastic fibers– is the reason that I mostly tend to buy good quality cotton/wool/linen clothing.

Some of my clothes have been in my wardrobe for 10+ years, and I still love them.

And that, to me, is the best!

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