Resisting simplicity

I was working on my journal the other day and noticed how heavy it had become. It was a Traveler’s notebook, and it had six booklets in it, with varying degrees of usage. All in all I didn’t write in it very much, two, three pages a day was the max, and it had become quite overwhelming.

And I realized I had trapped myself into resisting simplicity again.

Every time I undertake something, whether it is keeping a journal or decluttering the house, I look for ways to complicate it. Not consciously, of course, that would be stupid.

So, for my journal, I reset everything within the next couple of days. I now have two small, hardcover books, one for my dear diary journal, the other for a bullet journal.

It makes all the difference in the world. It is simple and so very effective.

And if I want to add all sorts of bells and whistles again, or suddenly change my whole system, or get new things to add because of some silly reason, I will go back to this post and smile at myself.

Simple is the best way, always, and I am very thankful that my journal taught me that 🙂

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