The processing area

I have a new, lightning fast method of decluttering!
Every week or so, I enter a room with a moving box and a garbage bag.
I toss everything that doesn’t belong in the room (and that I won’t need anywhere else in the house soon) in that box.
I also toss in things that have no home yet, or things that I feel reluctant about tossing just yet.
After that I put the box in what I call my processing area, a built in cabinet next to a large table.
When I have collected a couple of boxes I unpack every box, pick up everything, decide quickly what use I have for it, and then either put it in a basket so I can carry it to its rightful home, recycling or on a donate pile.

It is a drastic method of decluttering, also very suitable for when you expect visitors and you need a quick tidy. Added benefit is that most of the things you tidy away are indeed clutter or in the wrong place, so having them in boxes is a good thing 🙂
It does work wonders for my quest for Joyful Minimalism. I have such fast results with only a minimal amount of work.
Having everything out of their original context makes decluttering all the easier. Such a blissful thing to do!

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