Love more

When you are afraid, and worry about the future
Love more!

When your heart aches, seeing what happens in the world
Love more!

When you have a chance to help someone
Love more!

When you feel you don’t matter anymore
Love more!

When you feel like drowning in sadness
Love more!

When your pain outweighs your joy
Love more!

When you feel you can’t contribute anything
Love more!

Because love, my darling, is the only thing that heals.

Because love, beautiful, is the only thing that unites.

Because love, human, is the only universal answer.

Love more.
Love all.
Love those you think misguided.
Love those you hate.
Love those who do wrong.
Because answering hate with hate, compounds it.
Answering anger with anger, expands it.
Love, gentle soft-spoken love, deflates all arguments.

So go, be at peace, be peaceful to the world, let your kindness be a light for others to bask in.

Love more, my friend.
Love more, my brother, my sister.
Love more.

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