The weight of your home

Last week I posted an article on my other blog called The Weight of Insecurity. In it I explore the reason why I carried such a heavy backpack with me everywhere I went.
Writing that post has given me many insights into my fears. And that made me want to write a blog post on Joyful Minimalism about that topic.

A little visualization

Imagine you are a snail.
You carry your whole house on your back. Everything you possess is in it.

The house is filled with all sorts of possessions. Some you cherish deeply, others not so much. But you keep those, as you may need them one day. Simple as that.
Your possessions balance precariously on the floors as you move with caution because with every move you notice you are carrying a lot of weight on your back.
Your body strains with keeping everything in balance.

Do you really need to carry all that weight?
Can you feel where the weight of the house is limiting you? Where you stop creativity from seeping in?
Stop shouldering the weight. Remove everything that weighs you down, that keeps you from diving deep into what gives you joy.
Keep at it until you feel happy, balancing the weight of a joyful home.

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