Welcome to Joyful Minimalism

Welcome to Joyful Minimalism, a blog on keeping room for what brings you joy while ditching all the stuff that keeps you from it.

If you would walk into my house right now, you would say, “You have way too much stuff to be a minimalist, Sylvia!”

And you would be right.

This blog isn’t for those who love pictures of beautiful minimalist houses.

This blog is for people who are like me, hopeless clutterbugs who want to create more space in their life for what brings them joy.

This is a blog for those who have just started to realize that clutter takes the joy out of their lives, but they have no idea where to begin.

I certainly don’t! Our home is so cluttered that I have no idea where to begin. I have read tons of books about decluttering and it still is a mess.

So, I am going to play it! Play works with creativity, so why shouldn’t it work with decluttering? HA!!

I will post tips and ideas and before and after pictures every week, ideally on Wednesday, but it might change at times, because I sometimes forget what day it is 😀

Wishing you joy!

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