Savor The Ordinary Moments

Dear Creative Soul,

When you look back on the amount of life you have had behind you, you probably remember the highs and lows pretty well.

What you won’t remember is when everything was simple, uncomplicated, ordinary. What you won’t remember is the times where creating was seemingly effortless.

For me one of those moments is sitting at the oak table in my living room, working hard on edits for a book. Tea steaming in a cup next to me, sunbeams playing over the table.

Just a perfectly ordinary moment in my creative life. And one I will probably have forgotten in ten years time.
These ordinary moments need to be saved, penned down in your journal or in a document on your computer. Anywhere.

Because there will be times where you feel completely uninspired to create. There will be times where you feel you are a hack, where you start to doubt your creativity.
In those moments it is time to look into your journal and see all you have written about times where life was just effortless.

And smile.
Because you will see that those ordinary moments, where everything flows, is what life is all about.

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