Love is All there Is

Love is all there is.

This saying was a much quoted when I was part of spiritual communities online. Perhaps it still is.

I never really got it. I saw so much fear, anger, destruction, hate, and war. I saw so much pain in the world, including my own. Where was the love in that?

To me, “love is all there is” made no sense, and every time I said it, it felt like a lie unless I was completely immersed into my spirituality. I did feel it in meditation sometimes but those moments were rare and far between.

Even though I cannot get my mind around it, I do believe that love can change the world. Loving others without judgment is what changes the world for good. If you look at others with love and compassion in your heart, you transform. You discover that you are limitless. Love transforms your outlook on life. It also shows you where your love needs to go.

No, I still don’t truly embrace the saying “love is all there is”. I believe I am here on this planet in part to spread love. To spread love in a human way, through loving-kindness, a term I embraced the moment I read it.

I do not have the illusion that I can free the world of all negativity. That intent would kill the joy of sharing love.

But here is what I believe:

  • I believe that I can stop adding to the negativity.
  • I believe I can always look at others in a loving way.
  • I believe in the power of taking the time to respond if that means I speak with love instead of anger or doubt or hate.
  • I believe in love.
  • I believe love heals.
  • And I believe, that one day, love will heal everyone.

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