I move my body into the last asana
Feel the muscles stretch, lingering in
All directions the asana takes my body
And feel myself whole in one breath

I set out my senses in my body, move
To align myself into perfect stillness
And sigh in joy when I feel I am home
My body becomes my temple of love

I feel ripples of peace and tranquility
Seep through the cracks of discomfort
Knowing that only pain can pull me back
From where I need, long, want to be

I move even deeper into the asana and
Breath becomes a river running through
The depth of me, removing all obstacles
Until I am light, one with all I am, my self

Breath flows out of my body and movement
Brings me back to where I started, and yet
I am made anew, light emanates in my body
Energy awakens me, mouth becomes smile

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