Changing my reflection

What if I think of myself in different ways?
Not in the dark and twisted ways my mind
Tries to shape me, building me on blocks
Of memories too nasty to keep in storage

What if I think of myself as smart?
To see in myself someone who knows all
She needs to know, who learns easily
And who is always open to new ideas

What if I think of myself as kind?
See the good that my heart wishes to
Shine upon the world, the change that
Love can bring to the world and all in it

What if I think of myself as beautiful?
See the beauty my husband sees in
The depth of me, see the sparkle shine
In my eyes, my inner beauty reflected

What if I only see my best, continuously?
Bright spark in the ever evolving world
Sharing art that heals hearts and beaming
Smiles all over the world, in joy and play

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