My heart is broken in minute little pieces, each as if created by an artisan, each in a perfectly crafted, similar shape.

The shape of his face.

He smiled at me, in passing, as if he only had half a second time for me and the smile was the best thing he could give me.

For half a second he was mine.

And then he moved away from me. I could sense he strapped himself into his seat.

He talked with Control and finally said, “Ready for lift off.”

Have I ever mentioned his voice? It is deep, like the darkest of chocolates.

“Let’s go, ship.”

He mentioned me by my given name.

I sent my thoughts out to the electrodes in my finger tips. I twitched my eyes and cheeks to start the engines of the ship and said, “You can call me Rose. I am ready for lift off in 3, 2, 1….”

I looked up at the ceiling of my room, and in one fleeting second I pictured his face in it. His beautiful, gorgeous chiseled face.

I grinned.

His voice was sharp. “Everything alright, Rose?”

“Always. Setting a course for Mars. I suggest you go into hibernation now. Don’t worry, I will keep you safe.”

“Somehow that comforts me, Rose. Are you well?”

I blushed. Blood pumped to my face from the useless, motionless parts of my body. I looked down on my helpless lower body. Somewhere in there, my heart beat itself whole.

“Good night, my sweet Rose. Safe travels!”

I lay there and listened to the sound of his breathing.

I stretched my consciousness over the ship and turned the hull into the blue of his eyes.

I listened to his breathing and smiled.

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