I wrote this poem a couple of weeks ago, and didn’t post it, because it felt too raw. And yet, I know that by feeling raw, I let the light in. <3

So many times I wrote the first lines of this poem
Only to delete them, in frustration, digging deeper
Through anger, sadness, doubt to what I really
Need to write, need to say, need to speak out

I have read so much these past days and I know
There is so much anger, so much hate, so much pain
It makes my heart ache and feel like I want to withdraw
Into my shell even further, sharing only positivity, pure love

Yet, I want to speak out, I want to shout my truth
From the rooftops of my mind, my world, I want
To speak out of the distress I have felt these past days
The anguish that has been my body, my breath

I cry as I write this and I know I need to speak
Love flows through me, right this moment in all
That I write and I know I need to speak up, share that
I believe in the power of love, peace and compassion

I have faith in positive power, of change and of beauty
I have faith in my words, in my heart, in the song of my soul
And I know, that when I keep delving, below anger and fear
I find the confidence that writes this poem, in love for the world

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