Alien in a Feline World

She is the adventurous kind
The moment she came home
She ran to her feeding dish
And demanded food immediately
Sitting with her romper on
Determination on her face

She wants to jump around
And I am here to stop her
From doing things that harm
The stitches on her belly
She doesn ‘t care though
She just wants adventures

She wants to climb and scratch
Every stitch on her body and
Then scratch some more while
She darts through the house
Climbing in cat trees and
Racing across the bed

And then sit by the door
For her greatest adventure
Of all time and space, which
Happens to be eating, the food
My husband brings for her to
Gobble up, then ask for more

She is such a cute cat and
So stubborn and so feisty
I love her to bits even when
She gives me THE LOOK
As I keep her from scratching
I don ‘t budge, I ‘m the boss

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