Ten things I’ve learned from taking an online art/journaling class

  • I sucked at doing one single year long project, but I did a lot of things that worked, project wise.
  • I have done the100 day project for instance, and that has taught me so much about myself as an artist
  • I have read 12 books to feed my spirituality over this past year. That was very healing. I guess I could say that I did not suck at my year long project after all, I just didn’t work with just one book.
  • My love for journaling is strong as ever before. I have spent 5 minutes each day on my journal, sometimes I didn’t feel like writing, but those days I collected things I would want to write about (and did the next day I did open my journal.
  • Play is essential! Bored with one format? Skip to another. I am now in my Regular size Midori, and that one is here to stay until I want to write in a Moleskine or a field size notebook. Just do what works.
  • Planner supplies bring me joy.
  • My journals all contain my art now. I don’t draw in it every day, but that is something I would like to change for next year!
  • Talking about art, I make art my way. Learning new ways to draw and to look at things really have opened my eyes.
  • Talking some more about art: I have found that I LOVE to draw buildings. Old buildings. With character.
  • I have also learned that I love to draw fast sketches. Just letting the pen find its way on the paper and be all dynamic and scratchy is such joy!
  • Having written this I realise that I can think of many more, but I think these are the most important ones 🙂

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