A Sparkle of Joy in a Sea of Helplessness

Sometimes I drown in a sea of helplessness
That overflows me when I witness the horrors
Human kind visits on the world, the pain that
Spreads like wildfire, renders me motionless

On those days I curl up in my bed and feel
The currents of pain, anxiety and sadness rush
Through my veins, carve pathways of sorrow
Within my body that lies trembling in bed

Then, as I find calm, my heart takes over
Art seeps in, and drips through my body
Twists through the pathways and brings
Healing in color, rushes of joyful tears

Those moments I find the tools of my profession
I find crayons and pens, I find soft paper surface
As the tears dry on my face, my art takes its shape
Each stroke with the pen affirms my whole being

And I know, if I drown, if I curl up in bed crying
I don’t bring solace, I am no safe haven, I don’t
Let my art, my words, my furtively written poetry
Bring healing to the world, to you and to me

And I know that all I can do, is to not add my tears
To the sea of helplessness that overwhelms us
My heart shows that fear doesn’t help, all I can do
Is be me, sharing a sparkle of joy with the world

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