Blank Slate

What if you would wake up tomorrowAnd were unaware of what your past isAnd what your future has in stock for youScribbled in notes in your calendarOr fears in your mind, for a day next week

What if you would wake up tomorrowAnd knew nothing about what you have doneAll you knew was that you wanted to createSomething that brings light to the worldBecause you knew the world would need it

What if you would wake up tomorrowAnd knew for sure what you were bornTo bring into the world, what would you do?Without all your baggage, without your woundsWithout all the fears that cloud your mind today

What if you would create tomorrow?What would happen if you let your baggageSit by the wayside and just smile and do whatYour creativity leads you to shape on paper,In clay, in your wonderful, bright imagination

What if you would create right now?What if you let go and see what you have in you?See what beauty lives within your skin ifYou just let go of the whispers of your fearsAnd the doubt and guilt about your past

So create, my friend, create your life, shapeThe future that no longer holds any meaningCompared with what you are breathlessly creatingThe past that no longer has a hold on youBecause you feel you are free, completely

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