Journaling, an exploration

There is something sacredIn sitting with your journalSharing your innermost thoughtsScribbling ideas, finding wordsTo describe how the world feelsGentle flow of creativity, streams

There is something joyousIn writing in your journalFurtively scribbled ideas inThe sidelines of a poem thatJust wanted to be writtenWhile watching a TV show

There is something curiousIn exploring in your journalNew ideas flow from readingLearning becomes playfulInsights bubble out on paperNew pathways unfold, effortless

There is something playfulIn creating in your journalPen finds new ways to showWhat your world looks likeTentative lines form freedomExpression of artistic bliss

There is something callingAdventure expands in your journalExploring new ideas and placesAbundance unfurls its leavesAnd shows you where to go nextJust take a deep breath and leap

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