Three Simple Steps – Living a more joyful life

Many years ago I had a blog, and one of the things I shared on that blog was something I called Three Simple Steps. I blogged many things under Three Simple Steps, from decluttering to getting more sleep.

I am finally starting to write Three Simple Steps for my new blog and I couldn’t be happier. This is a part of what I am all about: play, simplicity and joy.Here are my simple steps for a more joyful life. They are not in a particular order

Step 1 – Don’t believe everything you see 
The other day I was watching TV and something happened that made me want to shout. It took me a little while to get back to joy. It made me realize that everything on the news channels is filmed and told aimed to incite your emotions. It is made to keep you watching in shock, fear, guilt and shame.And don’t worry, you will hear the important news via friends and family, but meanwhile you will have a much easier time to stay in joy.

Step 2 – Live your emotions
I have been a pro at pushing away my emotions. I thought that if I let feelings of anger and fear out, I could not get back to joy. The opposite is true.
When I feel something negative bubble up, I grab my pen and write about it in my journal, or tap tap tap away at the keyboard. Just acknowledging the feelings is enough. Shouting at people only makes the bubbles of emotions grow and letting them explode damages you. So, just write, and then you will soon enough feel your joyful self again.

Step 3 – Stay in the moment
All you have is now. You have this moment to choose how you want to feel.  Don’t let your mind wander to the past or the future. All you have is now. Focus on your breath. An excellent way to learn to stay in the moment is meditation. I know my days are more joyful once I have meditated.

Another beautiful way to stay in the moment is creating art. Every breath becomes art when you let your creativity flow.Whichever step you choose to start with, each will bring you to a joyful state. Just imagine what you can create when you smile!

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