Y is for Yay You!

Most days, my best treasures are pen and paper. To be able to doodle or write what wants to be written is something I cherish every day. Here is a little poem to inspire you, in turn inspired by this doodle of my Inner Child!

Wanting to create is like thirst
You yearn for it, deep in your soul
Your hands tingle, waiting for you
To push your fears, roughly, aside

You pick up the pen and start with
A line, a word, a single dot shapes
The world that is so alive within you
You fear you can’t do it justice and stop

Then imagine, an impish little kid inside
That shouts, “Yay you!” when you find
The brave inside and pick up the pen
And start to create with her zeal for life

She is your creative partner, your rock
To lean on as you doodle fiercely
Scribble your words with a smile

That seems etched on your face

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