T is for Table

Old man,

You just won’t believe what a drag it was to get the table to my fifth floor apartment! Had to hire a crane as it didn’t fit in the elevator. Gwen hated that. She hates anything that costs money. Unless it is for her stupid clothes and make up. Selfish bitch!It wasn’t that bad, tho. One of the men that helped carrying the table through the balcony doors was very kind. Gwen seemed to like Lance too. Saw them chatting and laughing in the kitchen over tea.

The table now stands in the center of the living room.It’s a bit dated if you compare it to the rest of the decor. Gwen hates the thing. She likes white furniture. Threatened to paint my table. I told her to stop being such a total drag. My house, my table!

I told her, no, fucking hell, I need my round table, and she gave in after I gave her a new credit card.

It’s too big for the two of us, granted, but yeah…. May want to invite my friends over. Hmmmm maybe Lance wants to join us too. Have 13 chairs, after all. Fourteen if I count the one set aside for you.

Anyway, hope you come to visit soon, old man, we may need you here soon. Morgan needs to be taught a lesson. She is a total bitch.


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