S is for Shell

This shell is one of the most important objects on my altar. I found it on the beach in Portugal, at the start of what turned out to be a very tough year, physically.

I keep it with me, because it has, ever since finding it, been a reminder that love is all around me. Everywhere.


Today is Earth Day. I love this planet we live on, as shown in this poem written after a beautiful spring walk.

Come take a walk with me,
See our beautiful world through
Eyes of magic and wonder

See all the trees in bright green
Dressed up for a brand new spring
Branches reach out in celebration

The fresh spring air is alive with joy
Makes us giggle as we walk on
Adventure awaits at the next turn

Daffodils dance on the breeze
Happily stretching yellow leaves
To meet the tree filtered sunlight

Birds fly back and forth to their nest
Perched high in the chestnut tree
Branches shield the nest from the sun

A dog runs wildly through the forest
Spring in his bones, joy in his step
He barks at nothing, dancing on air

The pond is silver in the joyous light
Water lily spreads her leaves and
Promises the flowers will come soon

And then we turn again, left, right
Footsteps follow each other, each
Placed in joy in the nature we love

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