I is for iPad

My pal
In all things
Creative, silly and playful

Thought it would be fun to start with a poem. I have written many on my iPad so it is fitting. My iPad is my creative companion, together with its smaller sibling, my iPhone.

I take many pictures with my iPad and I Phone,I write blog posts, I create art, I create inspiration and I even created The Book of Play on it!

Until early last year I never owned an iPad. Now I can’t imagine my life without it.

Even though I journal a lot, and see that there is no life without pen and paper by my side, the creative possibilities of my favorite apps on my iPad are virtually limitless.

Here is a list of some of the creative apps I use:

  • Hipstamatic, for my pictures
  • ArtStudio, for my inspiring texts and other graphics needs
  • ArtRage, usually for creating backgrounds
  • Paper, an indispensable artful app to me. I have created the Book of Play in it 🙂
  • Kaleido pro, to create my mandala’s, a very zen thing to do for me
  • Pinterest, for all the inspiration

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