Every year on St. Patrick’s day I have a moment of deep sadness, as this is the day I lost my furry soulmate, Kayleigh. She was a black cat that looked like a Siamese.

She saved my life during a very bad depression and she was special to many.

The sadness usually goes away soon and gratitude follows in its wake. I got to live 14 years with the most beautiful girl. I learned so much from her, and still do. No better teacher of unconditional love.

This beautiful lesson of gratitude soon extends to my whole life.

I am grateful for all beings that are in my life. Each and everyone who touched my life, even in fleeting moments.

I am even grateful for my dentist, the amazing man who always greets me with a smile, knowing I would rather run away screeching like a banshee.

I know my beautiful Kayleigh, my amazing teacher is still around, somewhere, because she is in my heart. She lives on in moments of intense gratitude like I feel now.

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