I am enough

The one, undeniable truth is that I am enough. I know that there never truly is loss. There never is lack, there never is failing.

There is just me, a melting pot of Inner Child, imagination, creativity, joyful snapshots of my life and beautiful lessons I have learned in moments of deep despair. I now know that when something is lost, something new takes its place.

This new is always filled with love, filled with joy. How can it not be? I am that. I know that whatever happens, I will always be enough. I will always share my gifts, I will always be this playful, wildly creative, wide-eyed idealist, on a mission to change the world with a smile.

I am enough

The beauty of this all is that I, bit by bit, fall completely in love with myself. Every line on my face, every wrinkle on my hands is an expression of joy. When I look back at my life I see only the moments where joy has grown more and more, expanded throughout my body to form these lines of recognition. I am a magical being, filled with playfulness, joy and love. I can look back at my past and see where I felt anything but that, but bringing that pain into this moment serves no purpose. I leave it there and am grateful for who I am today.

You are enough

You have a mix of life lessons and gifts that are unique to this world. Stop searching. Find. See how beautiful you are, see what you can share, what you can give, how much the world needs you to realize that you are complete. That you are love.

We are enough

Let’s change the world, one smile at a time. We can do that just by being ourselves, magnificent, magical forces of nature. That’s the magic that happens the moment you realize: I am whole. I am complete. I am enough.

With a big smile,

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