G is for Gratitude

After all the fear-filled writing from yesterday, I am ready to go back to JOY, my theme for this month 🙂

Today I focus on one of the easiest ways to increase joy: expressing gratitude.

I love to keep a gratitude journal. I usually write a couple of things I am grateful for in an app on my iPad mini. I try to write in it every day. Sometimes I forget and then I play catch up on the next day.

At first, keeping a gratitude journal doesn’t feel like it does much. In fact, I have abandoned writing one of mine on many occasions.

And yet, I keep going back to it, and now I have realized something truly important about writing a gratitude journal, I know I will keep coming back.

You see, at first, you start a journal, you express gratitude for the big things, and then one morning you realize you have written about all the big things in your life you are grateful for. What else is there to write?

That is when simplicity slips in.

You start to be grateful for small blessings in your life and you get to see how much impact they have on your life.

That is when the transformation starts.

Keeping a gratitude journal is essential for a joyful life. And it also serves another purpose. When you feel like crap you can read through all your entries and re-feel the joy you felt at the moment of writing it.

It’s also very essential to pick up your pen (or your iPad in my case) and write down another couple of things you are grateful for. This is so healing.

And now it is time for a little gift. I love to create stuff and today I have created something special: a printable gratitude journal.

Just print it out, and for the next week, write down three things you are grateful for. Start today, it doesn’t say anywhere that you do have to start on a Monday. Just skip to Tuesday and start writing.

Then at the end of the week, read through your list. I bet you can feel the difference ♥

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