F is for fear

I have so looked forward to writing this post!!

My theme for this A to Z challenge is JOY. One of the biggest killers of JOY is FEAR!

To help you deal with your fears, I have two very simple doodles to share.

I do like to share my truths in a simple way, the simpler, the better, even!

Truth 1
Fear is the greatest liar you will ever encounter.
Do exactly the opposite of what it says
(unless a lion tries to catch you of course)

This is a big one, and when you see this, your life will be WAY more joyful. When there is a lion that comes for you, run like hell, otherwise, stick out your tongue and do what you really really really want to do 🙂

Truth 2
Fear = Former Emotions Appearing Recent
There are many acronyms for fear, but when I came up with this one a couple of years ago, it felt right.

Whenever fear comes up, see what former emotion it tries to mask as. Where in your life did you feel the same as you do now?

Over to you!

Are you as done with fear as I am? Do you recognize something in any of my truths? What fears plague you now? My Inner Child is ready to offer some playful guidance! You can also email me using the mail button in the sidebar.

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