D is for Dream

Katie jumped out of bed the moment the alarm clock went. She danced along to the song on the radio, a song she didn’t know, but it was about love and joy and sunshine so she loved it.
She smiled at herself in the bathroom mirror and then brushed her teeth with her hot pink Hello Kitty toothbrush.
She grinned when she put her bright blue hair up in a messy bun and winked at her cat Ceasar when she burst out of the bathroom and back into her bedroom. She danced to another song she didn’t know, one that was all about being happy and then she put on her favorite pink dress. She skipped along the beat and sang along to the one line that came back time and time again. “Because I’m happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”
Ceasar sat on the floor and licked his paw. He purred softly and said, “It’s time to wake up!”


Katie slowly opened her eyes and blinked. She lifted her head from the books that she had tried to cram into her head for the past week, and said, “What just happened?”
Her small grey tabby cat looked up from his perch on her computer’s keyboard and moved up, bumped his head into shoulder, and meowed. He then jumped off the desk and ran to the stereo. One swift paw push switched it on. Katie smiled despite herself.
She stuck out her tongue at the books and tossed them into a  her backpack. She jumped out of her chair, and sang along as loud as she could. “Because I’m happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy….”
She then walked to her cat and said, “Wanna hear the oddest thing, Ceasar? I dreamed about this song just now! I was dancing and singing and you were there too…”
Ceasar meowed.
She smiled and patted his head. “Want some snacks, little one?”

Ceasar meowed again, and then walked ahead of her, his tail up in the air and his paws moving along to the rhythm of the song.

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