B is for Bear!

One of the big gifts of having to spend a lot of time resting last year was finding the Lessons from my Bear.

I had a pretty little notepad and a pen and one day I just started to doodle them (like most creative outbursts just happen for me: by playing 🙂 )

Ever since, I doodle Lessons from my Bear several times a week, sometimes in great bursts. Ever since I have my iPad mini and the wickedly awesome Paper app, I doodle them on my iPad too.

I do have several bears in my life, one of them being the model for these wonky little drawings. He is an old bear, has been with me for most of my life. In real life, he has lost his ears and his eye, in my doodles he is a wise old bear, that shares playful wisdom with all that want to hear him.

Today he wants you to add a little whimsy to your life!

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