The Challenge

This past week I have seen many posts about having to sacrifice things for Lent. Most of those posts were sad, some were inspiring and uplifting. Ever since reading these posts, I have felt these words bubble up to the forefront of my mind. I love it when a post percolates.
 Today, a big puzzle piece got added. At the moment of writing this, it is International Woman’s Day. Many people have written about women and female role models in particular. Others write about how some women suck at this. When I read that Jennifer Lawrence is not a good role model because she said this and that in an interview, the last puzzle piece for this post fell into place and I grabbed my Moleskine to write the first draft.
You know, I believe that women have the power to change the world. Not by force, but by using our feminine powers as a guide.
To be able to do that, we have to give up something.
We have to give up the snark.
We have to give up the one thing that keeps us from being a compassionate force to be reckoned with: we need to let go of the urge to judge each other.
It is hard to give that up. We know nothing better. At school, we learn who we need to be in awe of. Who we need to be jealous of. Who we need to look down on.
We get pushed into groups and boxes that categorize us. If I was a school girl now, I would be one of the nerds.
I embrace that side of me. It has taken me a long time to get there because I had to stop being afraid of expressing all that I am. I had to stop being afraid of judgment to do that.
I am taking the challenge that has shaped itself in my mind over this past week.
I give up all that keeps us women in the judge and victim state.
I give up jealousy and anger.
I give up on judging women.
It is time for change.
It is time for love.
It is time for unity.

Are you with me?

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