On joy

In my last blog post of 2013, I asked you: what is your word for 2014?

I knew what my word for 2014 would be, way before the year started. My 2014 word is JOY!

It is now the 20th day of 2014. My year started with sadness. My father peacefully passed away on January 5. I will write more on this when I can find more words…

When I came back home a week later (I stayed with mom throughout) I thought I had chosen my goal wrong.

Now I realize I didn’t.

I chose the perfect word for this year.

From the moment of our birth, death is the only truly inevitable aspect of life. How we fill in the moments between our birth and our death is up to us.

We can choose to let everything get us down and make us feel like fucking crap. Or we can choose joy, no matter what.

I feel that joy is my natural state and I revert to it every time, even in this time of sadness and reflection.

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