Rock chick at a hip-hop concert

The concert was big, and I was a speck in the arena
One different drop in an ocean of madly waving fans
I stood up when they did, and sat when I couldn’t
Just swayed on the music, finding the beat of its drums

I closed my eyes and thought of the music I loved
Of Radiohead and of U2, of Coldplay and Alt-J
Jay-Z battled with me, his voice broke through
my deep thoughts, I had to hear what he had to say

I listened, I shivered, I let the music take me to
Hidden, dark places, searching my soul for moments
of solace, gentle, beautiful, underneath the barrage,
the voice that tore deep within my mind and soul

Then came the moment he conquered, talking to us
he spoke about love, he spoke about seeing them
He said he loved everyone, and I felt his love in me
my heart beat along with his rhymes, I understood

Living feels like I’m a rock chick at a hip-hop concert
and yet, I am loved, I am where I belong, where I need
to be at, this moment, this writing, this soul, and this song
this heartbeat, this earth, this life, I belong here, I am.

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