Time to break out
Time to let go of
The shell I have lived in
Time ticks away, minutes
Flow like a river into hours
Nothing to show for it but
Fatigue in my eyes, empty
Time to release pain
Time to break away
From the life I created
Built around pain,
Tears drip down
Anger arises, sadness
Comes up, as always
I am a warrior now,
Punishing myself is
No longer an option
Tick tock tick tock
what do I choose?
The cell door is ajar
Awaiting my footsteps
Long and hard I fell
And I got used to
Falling, Even when
I could stop, I did
It was all I knew
All I could think of
How do I fail here?
The clock ticks away
Minutes of writing
Anguish wants out now
Can I finish this poem?
I kick it farewell and say
goodbye to self doubt
Release it, hands tremble
It is all I know, my mind
Keeps on shouting, but I
Can’t stand another day
Where I feel like I’m shit
My heart breaks in silence
As I think of all I love that
I couldn’t keep with me
I look and I see how I
Loved those lost like me
Cherished those who could
Not feel like I did, hearts
sometimes are unrepairable
Yet I sought to fix them
And just broke my own
My heart still beats strong
The song of the warrior
The fighter that stands
Her shield at the ready
A shield made of love and
Intense compassion, of
Infinite hope, and deep joy
I am who I choose to be
I come out of hiding and
Show the world who I am
Not shrinking away from
All I can be, I am who I am
I release my mask of fear

And stand, warrior of love


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