V is for Vision

On this month’s new moon, I sat down to create a vision board for the coming year. It is working for/through/with me in very unexpected ways. Here are two.


The top left is the part where my focus is now. I tripped and fell on and got bruised severely on several places, including my ribs. Today I realized that the top left is all about nurturing and healing and day dreaming. One of the key words is the Dutch word for silence. Staying in the quiet space within helps me expand and take leaps, even, or maybe because I have bruised ribs.



Guides me

Into my silence

Deep vision of peace




My art lives all over the vision board. Every time I look at it there are more ways of expressing I see. The most visible of all is writing. Even though this month wasn’t one of the easiest months in my life, I kept up with writing A to Z.

I also created lots of art, wrote and submitted stories, found new ways to work with photography, including some favorite sites and I came up with several ideas to create with fabrics and fibers, including needle felt.

By placing creativity in the center of my map, there was no way around it. No day passes without creation.



Means life

Just like breathing

My hands shape beauty




No matter what happens, my vision board is there as a reminder of where I am going.

In the past I wrote lists of ideas. That never worked. I also doodled my visions. That was a clear focus always and I know I will probably doodle mine again. It fits with me.

This process was beautiful though. My vision is clear and my board helps me remember on days when it isn’t so clear in my mind.



My roadmap

Guidance for life

Art lights my path



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