R is for Rooms

My mind is like a giant mansion

Filled with rooms of varying beauty

Some, bright colored, laughter filled

Others so dark no eyes can see pain

I take a broom labeled self-love and

Gather confidence in a room once lost

I first tackle some spaces with masks

I once hid behind, the smile now is real

I clear away cobwebs in rooms with

Long forgotten dreams and tell them

That now it is their time to shine bright

The little artist that was me just smiles

I leave her to roam and enter a dark room

Turn on a light to find an older self caged

I grab my broom and brush at the bars

I painted around me as pain was too big

I hold my old self and whisper my love

Watch her fade in me as she lets go

I sweep the room and look through

The smile, a little wider, as I move along

I finally clear a big marble courtroom,

a judge veiled in black towers above me

long forgotten selves cry for mercy, relief,

I heal with my broom and love my selves

Then I look at the judge, remove her veil

See the neglect in deep lines on her face

Of my ten year old self, bullied to judge

I cry as I hold her, and whisper my love

Then there is silence, the room is empty

Furnishings clear in one strong sweep

I sit in the room and set my dreams free

I know I can live them, my future is bright

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