M is for Memories

My life is like a string of colourful beads

Chaining together to form my memories

Some good, some bad, some mediocre

The last make me the saddest as they

Could have been such fantastic ones

If I had just let myself be who I am

Some memories on the string try to

Keep a hold of me, as if they are

Trying to string themselves in Now

I look at them, hold them in my hand

And then place them where they belong

They were my past, not my present self

Some beads come back during a movie

Pushing themselves upon me as I watch

They press tears to my cheeks and chills

As I watch what a character experiences

I know now to learn from them as a writer

Use them when I next write a tale of woe

I look over the string of beads so far

And see that all beads lead me to this

The moment where I sit writing this poem

My cat purring next to me, deep in sleep

My husband talking with me on google talk

I know life is good right now, this moment

Sometimes I can see the beads of my future

They are blank, as if I need to color them

As I come along to breathe my life within

I look around and know that what I do now

Will make them brighter than the past ones

Because in this moment, I feel so much love

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