H is for Heart

Follow your heart, the saying goes.

For a long time that confused me. That was because I had no idea what was IN my heart to follow. I had no idea of my dreams, no idea of the ways I could grow. I saw writing as the hardest and most impossible thing to do and I saw creating art as something I was completely unsuitable for, choosing to believe the crap some crappy art teachers had filled me with.

Something changed when I was thrown back onto myself, deep in depression. I started to write because it made me feel better. I started to create art because it made me feel calm. I started to photograph because I saw something I loved through the lens. I found my first puzzle piece.

Follow your heart = Do what you love + ????

The next component came when I felt the depression go and gradually started to love myself and finding my truths. Playfulness, boundless creativity, bright, all encompassing joy that permeated everything and showed me what I needed to focus on next.

Through it all I fell completely in love with my self. And through that self love I noticed that doing what I love increases my self love. It’s win-win!

Follow your heart = do what you love + fall in love with yourself+ ?????

There are more components, I know that for sure. I think each one of us has different components that make up ts heir own definition. For me, all parts connect with (heart centered) art. This piece came to life through play with software. Sometimes it takes an hour, sometimes it takes days. Sometimes it takes months before I play with a piece.

This one is somewhere in the middle.

I introduce it with an Elfje:


Love spreader

Self and others

Art becomes an instrument


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