E is for Elephant

This won’t come as a surprise to those who know me: Elephants are my favorite animals. I even start my book Ganesha’s Blessings with that:  
When I was six years old, I dreamed about elephants. They came into my life trumpeting a big concert, and I was the only one invited, perched on the back of a big elephant that smiled. I woke up with a big smile on my face, dancing, and for days I couldn’t stop talking about elephants and how amazing they were. 
Elephants have stayed my favorites ever since that dream. If it is up to me, they are always the first I go to in a zoo, and every time I see an elephant or even a picture of them I can’t help but smile big! 
I even managed to transfer my love for elephants to my nephew Tijs 😀 
I love elephants so much I even made an elephant doodle on this month’s theme image and they now live in the new website banner!

I also collect elephant sculptures. They have lived in boxes for a very long time, hidden there when I was in a deep depression (Still happy and grateful I didn’t throw them out, I must have known how much they meant to me).  This one is really special, it was a gift from my cousin when she was a small girl 🙂 He is called Valentijn.


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